Increase hawaii assistance for groups with little ones, in which parents care precisely for his or her alimentation and development.

III. To advertise the abolition regarding the financial negatives evoking the materials impoverishment of women.

Last tracking and examining on the differencies in wages relating to gender and to remove differencies in remuneration.

Support work with less doing work energy.

Improve an average salary pension costs compensated by state during women??N—?…s maternity leaves.

Generate tax choices for people who use people with kids under 15.

Condition options for economic strategies of women, their own self-employment, group businesses, small and moderate proportions enterprises, change the taxation and credit rules, highlight consultancy and records treatments, when it comes using the particular position of businesswomen.

IV. To manipulate the public opinion about the equal possibilities for ladies and people

b) in media

advertisement a) In education we suggest:

Offer additional practices into girls??N—?… and guys??N—?… degree in prosocial and social marketing and sales communications also to see them to honour the household principles.

Promote vital wondering, selective usage of mass media, mainly electric your.

Boost anti-drug degree in regard to the pupils??N—?… age, healthcare prevention, family members and parental training, to understand them the values of real existence from birth till death as a protection within the bad personal tasks.

Enhance the training with personal efforts, communication together with the victims and culprits of violent acts from inside Corona escort the system of post graduate research and also the entire life education.

ad b) Via the media we recommend:

Track the objectivity, reality and details measure associated with the advertising concerning the women??N—?…s situation from inside the people.

Improve the restriction of violance in advertising, modification of plan framework and sending days because of the aim to eliminate the violance and medication dependency.

Inform regarding foremost work with the Slovak Republic in fixing the women??N—?…s place in our people, so it is in accordance with the worldwide conventions.

Recognize the public advice data to mention the capabilities for the governmental advertising projects.

Support the media recreation to stress the women??N—?…s self esteem.

Utilize the results of the national and international works and tell public concerning seek to enhance the women??N—?…s reputation for the society.

V. generate ailments for the safeguards and enhancement of women??N—?…s fitness

Prepare analyses on women??N—?…s wellness centered on demographic and wellness stats for the Slovak Republic.

Discover people to bring typical medical oncological and cardiological controls as it’s mentioned in Slovak legislature.

Care especially for the protection on drug use of females when it comes and their maternal function.

Generate possibilities for women??N—?…s sparetime recreation, primarily in recreation.

In framework of the state group plan it’s important to put on the computer of indirect specifications to support the beginning price and healthy continuing growth of the people such as personal and instructional provisions.

Support the business associated with the centers for family members with small children who need whole day-care while the solution locations for old women??N—?…s worry and consultancy.

Help the lactation program and healthier alimentation system for kids.

Shell out attention to hobbies and needs in the offspring, primarily those of girls??N—?… alimentation and wellness programs.

VI. To produce circumstances to remove the violence against women

Initiate legislative and educational specifications to eliminate the violence against ladies.

Supporting newer centers for physical violence subjects (asylum houses), resp. facilities for people in tough lifestyle scenario with consulting treatments.

Promote changes in guidelines therefore, the unlawful acts commited against loved ones had been punished for legal reasons and the victim??N—?…s acceptance wouldn’t be necessary.

Create educational products to alter the conduct of intense individuals as well as their return to their loved ones.

Promote the development of the SOS range for assault victims, to coach the SOS outlines employees.

Join the nationwide and worldwide applications, do away with prostitution and trade with people and kids and submit these software.

VII. Promoting the organization and occupations posibilities for females with tiny specialist probability (females residing in tiny communities, Roman females, people perhaps not ready with their materal part, handicapped female).

Fortify the competences of neighborhood administration, their particular budget for females with little developing potential in lifestyle and degree.


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